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Linda Tripp Net Worth – Income, Salary, Earning



linda tripp net worth

Linda Tripp

Linda Tripp is an American civil servant, and he is famous and best known for working with the Lewinsky and the president Bill Clinton scandal.

In this article we have updated the detail of Linda Tripp. So let us find out the information related of Linda Tripp net worth, age, linda tripp wiki & biography and many other more detail.

Linda Tripp early life and biography

Tripp was born as Linda rose carotenuto in to a middle class family. Linda was born 24 November 1949 in New Jersey City United States. Linda Tripp birth place is in New Jersey City United States.

Linda Tripp education

Let us discuss about Linda Tripp education, she has completed her high school from Hanover Park High School, and she has completed her graduation degree in 1968.

After completed her graduation, Tripp enrolled herself in a secretarial school.

Linda Tripp career

After completing the education, Linda has joined and worked as a secretary in Army intelligence which was based in Fort Meade Maryland.

Tripp has also got the opportunity to work in Washington D.C. In 1990 to 1994 Tripp was worked as a White House advisor for the president Bush.

And from 1994 to 2001, Tripp worked as the Pentagon’s office of public affairs.

While working in the Pentagon, tripp formed good relation with Monica lewinsky who was working as a intern at the Pentagon, and was very younger than Tripp.

While working in public relations she got $20000 more than for her as former salary.

Bill Clinton and Monica lewinsky scandal

It was in the Pentagon office where Tripp and Monica have met, as Tripp was 24 years elder than Monica, So Monica relates Tripp as an older sister, that she could confide in and both of them have close friendship because they worked met daily approximately a year and a half. This is the reason that once you see someone daily and

Some one every day for long period of time, then most probably one have trust on each other and have believe on themselves. monica have also confided in Tripp regarding her affairs with the president Bill Clinton and linda tripp impeachment.

In 1998, Tripp taped all the conversations between herself and lewinsky in which lewinsky revealed that he has made sexual relationship with Clinton. Tripp open the tapes over to the Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, which was investigating Clinton’s for impeachment. The recorded tape were released to the public and played a key role in Clinton’s impeachment trail.

She claimed that she did this in a nutshell for the sake of moral America and Tripp did not get regret her actions what she did. Tripp was unfortunately fired from the Pentagon in 2001,and end’s the Clinton’s administration.

After unfair dismissal from Clinton’s administration, linda tripp Clinton, Tripp used the US department of Defense and US department of justice for releasing her privacy to the media and she got received $595,000 from the federal government as a settlement.

Linda Tripp Net Worth

Linda tripp net worth has been estimated about to be $ 1 million dollars after the death of Linda in 2020. According to the reports, linda tripp net worth 2020 tripp’s main income and earnings has been generated from her working at the Pentagon and in The White House for years, which is to be $ 595,000. linda tripp salary is also apart of her earnings.

linda tripp family

According to the reports, there is no details has been mentioned about linda tripp family but in an interview she shared her parents profession, linda tripp father, he was a high school teacher and linda tripp mother was a home maker who was from Germany,  linda tripp parents have met during the World War II which brought them together.

linda tripp husband

In the year 1971 Linda was married with bruce Tripp a military officer together, linda tripp children the couple had a son and a daughter. linda tripp son, Ryan Tripp was elder to her sister Allisson Tripp, linda personal life was not good and after sometime of their marriage, They got divorced in 1990.

linda tripp height

linda tripp personality is too good and she is self care taker for her health also, linda tripp height is to be 5’7 ”.

What we learn from Linda Tripp

As we have mentioned that Tripp has release the tapes recording publicly which caused her ultimately lose her job at Pentagon. Lot of people has been question the true motives and intentions about Linda Tripp. Tripp has done some interviews with CNN and she has revealed all the secret of Clinton by recording tapes, as this was done purely for moral purpose by linda.

Tripp has been questioned by the media and the public about her decisions but Linda thought that she was right.

Tripp was branded traitor by the Clinton camp and her life was turned upside down. She has received death many death threats and he had also move several times form one to another and she has changed her name also.

But Linda has never wavered in her belief, hustle, loyalty and respect that she did the right thing.

Final thoughts by Linda Tripp

Tripp has been praised and vilified for her role in the Clinton Lewinsky scandal, she was brave women, and there is no denying that Tripp as a complex and fascinating woman.

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